Bath Bombs and Saltse


Quotes I am a very big bath bomb lover and what I expected was just a regular bath bomb but I was wrong. The cherry smell was amazing. Its hard finding a product that has a cherry scent to it and I was very excited to try it. After I used my bath bomb I found that my skin was so soft and as an added bonus my hair went super shiny and fluffy! Quotes
Sheryl McDonald
Very Happy!

Quotes One of my favorite ways to refresh and relax myself is by taking a bath. I find that a large tub of warm-to-hot water, with a Zombomb added is a simple and effective way to take a break and impart a feeling of restoration. Besides feeling revitalized, my skin feels absolutely great after using the Zombombs. Thanks for producing such a great product. Quotes
Amy Tan

Quotes Since my dry skin was starting to remind me of a zombie, I used the Eucalyptus Epsom Salt as a bath scrub and it had an amazing effect on my skin. It helped turn my skin silky soft and I feel human again :). Definitely a product that I will continue to buy to help my skin in the harsh elements we get in Canada Quotes
Chris L
Brought my skin back from the dead!!!