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Quotes I had a chance to visit her in the strathcona market while visiting Alberta from Ontario, Her bathbombs are not only top quality but very fun and creative! I had the pleasure of getting a Hogwarts sorting hat bathbomb( which happened to be ravenclaw if you were wondering, my actual house !) she has many novelty bathbombs such as these and they smell absolutely amazing. Really sweet woman too at amazing prices. I highly recommended, if you are in the area to get yours too, I know I will :). Quotes
Jahanara shirley

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Quotes Before Zombomb we had a lot of trouble find stuff that was good and didn't leave a gross film in our tub or our skin. Now we use bath Zombombs all the time with no worries our tub and child are both clean and soft and smelling wonderful. The bath salts are equally amazing and I refuse to go anywhere else. If you haven't tried them you should you won't regret it. Also Kathy is absolutely amazing she is our first stop every time we go to the farmers market and some times our daughter even makes us stop in to say good bye again on our way out!! ❤️ Quotes
Satisfied mom and user!

Quotes Kathy is EXTREMELY talented! I am a huge Epsom Salt fan and i cannot get enough of the Eucalyptus Epsom salts and sometimes i throw in a Eucalyptus bath bomb! All of her bath bombs have the perfect scents. Not to strong but not to weak. Just perfect. I am also a huge fan of her loofah's. Her product does not dry out your skin. In fact your skin feels TEN TIMES more amazing. I highly recommend trying her product! You wont be disappointed! Quotes
Can't get enough!

Quotes Way Better than other bath bombs I have tried form other places! The first time I tried your products and I am forever hooked! I love the array of scents and the way everything felt on my skin. It is a constant battle between me and my husband on who gets the bath bombs! I am totally buying more from you soon! Quotes
Sherry Lacabee
Super Awesome!

Quotes I loved your Brain Bombs! They are so cute and smell great! I used them as an exfoliant on my arms while I am in the shower! Best part is I smell like Cotton Candy after. Im definitely coming for more Brainnnnns!!! Quotes

Quotes I was at the market last weekend and picked up a few pink brains for my kids tub! They loved them and ask for more.! We will definitely be coming back for more. Also these will make the perfect Christmas gift. Who doesn't love a Zombie! Quotes
We love your brains!

Quotes Cool stuff! Quotes

Quotes Hi there, my husband and I happened to be in Edmonton a month or so ago and ran across your booth in a market in the south end. We picked up the eucalyptus bath salts....they are amazing! My kids ask for it all the time when they are in the tub! Quotes
Francise Ackwood
Amazing Salts!!!

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